Sunday, August 22, 2010

CrAzY hair morning!

Hello mom! This morning I woke up to a weird feeling on top of mi cabeza... it felt like a little animal had nestled itself at the base of my forehead, and I took a picture to find this! Maybe it's actually Jimmy Neutron hair, but either way it looks silly.

Anyways, work is going well although I'm looking for another job for more money. Mckay keeps telling me is a great place for benefits and making $10/hour... but I can't bring myself to justify more pay with a DESK job. So boring! A new co-worker was talking about being ski patrol for the brighton mountain, except he is one of the few that does snowboard patrol, so I might check into that!

Church today was great, way more relaxed than our singles ward back home... and no creepies. :) There's actually a lot of cute boys in there, but they seem to not pay attention to me :( dang. I am looking a lot cuter these days I hope you know! Finally starting to care about me and what I really want in life. If you would like to know more about that topic check your e-mail, it's a little too personal to put on blogger. Sure do miss you and skooter... and dad and the boys! ... Not in that order of course! ;) Love you and see you soon


  1. I love the hair.... I think you should wear it to church that way..... I am sure all the guys would love it. It is a nice feeling to have in your soul when you are more concerned with what you want in your life and whoever wants to be around you then.... true friends!! Let all the creepers go.
    Miss ya too.. and Daniel says...."Hey, that is my shirt!"

  2. Are you ever going to blog again??