Sunday, August 22, 2010

CrAzY hair morning!

Hello mom! This morning I woke up to a weird feeling on top of mi cabeza... it felt like a little animal had nestled itself at the base of my forehead, and I took a picture to find this! Maybe it's actually Jimmy Neutron hair, but either way it looks silly.

Anyways, work is going well although I'm looking for another job for more money. Mckay keeps telling me is a great place for benefits and making $10/hour... but I can't bring myself to justify more pay with a DESK job. So boring! A new co-worker was talking about being ski patrol for the brighton mountain, except he is one of the few that does snowboard patrol, so I might check into that!

Church today was great, way more relaxed than our singles ward back home... and no creepies. :) There's actually a lot of cute boys in there, but they seem to not pay attention to me :( dang. I am looking a lot cuter these days I hope you know! Finally starting to care about me and what I really want in life. If you would like to know more about that topic check your e-mail, it's a little too personal to put on blogger. Sure do miss you and skooter... and dad and the boys! ... Not in that order of course! ;) Love you and see you soon

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hey there, I decided it's probably time for a new post! Today was really fun, no work! So me, colton (mckay's cousin) and clint (colton's best friend) went to Sundance. It's a downhill mountain biking course when they aren't open for winter skiing. I love downhill biking now, keeping up with the boys is scary especially when some turns are accompanied by 15 ft. drops if you mess up.
Work has been going really well, I enjoy talking with the customers because most of them are outdoorzy and laid back anyway! The atmosphere at work is just like Joe's and the people I work with are going to be good for me.
Sara and Heather were great to take me and jenny to dinner. We went to this italian place and the server lady liked us so much that we got extra dessert!! Yummmm. This week has been so bloody hot, it's been in the 90's everyday. Good thing we have a pool here :) Ayden and Ethan came swimming with mommy at my complex. They are too much fun, ethan will try anything! Ayden is scared of the water. hmmm 2nd born is automatically doomed to be curiously crazy ? who knows. Love you mom and family!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Dear Journal,
Today was another treasure! I biked to this park called rock canyon near the temple and read a few ensign articles, (thanks mom for sending that!) wrote in my journal, read scriptures and reflected on life. Am I boring you yet? :) It was peaceful k! Life has been good to me lately- in other words I found a job! It's this outdoor shop called Parks, look it up and tell me what you think! I think it's going to be great, I get to work with people and get extra money for commission sales. Plus it's a 6 mile round trip on the bike yesssss.
So I'm sure you have seen plenty of pics from Ayden's b-day party but I'll put these on here for you Jen! The party turned out to be pretty fun and free food is always appreciated these days! How are the boys doing? Nathan is doing football practice already, what's dan up to? Sure do miss you guys, but Utah is turning out to be tolerable... ok more fun than I thought :) Love you and keep me posted about your life!

Ugh. How do I organize these pictures on here better?! Whatever byeeeeeeeee

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Word of the Day....Anencephalous

Hello!! Today has been great weather in Provo Utah, about 70 degrees and blue skies. I still didn't get out of bed until 1. It was nice to lay in bed and read.
I usually bike down to jenny's for meals because they have all the things I don't.. like pans and a george foreman (indoor bbq basically!!) so I biked there and had myself some yummy eggs.
After that I went home and hung out for a bit, of course not looking for employment or cleaning! I got invited to go rock climbing at this place called the quarry. It's a blast! we bouldered the whole time.
After rock climbing I ran for 45 minutes, gettin in shape!! The runs usually feel ok, tolerable, and I can finish, but this time my right shin was tightening up really bad. I had to stop and let the pressure subside, and when I started to run back home I just let it go numb. My entire right leg was numb when I got home.. it was weird to not feel one of my legs while I ran .
I know mom, you've probably stopped paying attention to what I wrote after the whole "not looking for employment" bit.. but I'm just kiddin!! This sports store is supposed to call me sometime this week, and if they don't then I'll find a job elsewhere! With plenty of places are around here it should be easy compared to finding a job in Gresham. This last picture is of my right leg looking bigger (on the outer right) than my left.. noticeable? That's where it swelled weird! Love you bye

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello mom, seeming as you may be my only fan I dedicate these to you. I'm not very good at this whole blog thing yet but here are a few photos of my place and the car.. I mean.. bike.